Custom Made Muay Thai Gear & Backordered Products

Custom Made Backorder Muay Thai Gear and Apparel

Here at Muay Thai Mall we offer a complete catalogue of the best Muay Thai Boxing equipment produced in Thailand. Due to there being so many different variations of Muay Thai gear such as size, colour, design and closure it is impossible for us to keep stock of everything so we offer the option to have the exact piece of Muay Thai gear you’re after custom made.

Custom Made Muay Thai Gear Services

Customer service and satisfaction is paramount to Muay Thai Mall. If you wish to have some custom Muay Thai gear madeorder we will be in contact with you every step of the way.

If Muay Thai Mall doesn’t have a product in stock that you want, please contact us and we will check stock with our suppliers. It often only takes a few days to source and ship gear if our suppliers have it in stock.

Custom Made Muay Thai Gear Lead Times

Lead times vary from factory to factory. We do our best to keep this page up to date with the current status of each brand’s factory but please note that this table contains estimations and sometimes orders can take longer. It may also take an extra 1-2 weeks to have gear picked up/ delivered from our suppliers.

Factory Backorder / Lead Time
Fairtex 2-4 weeks
Twins Special 2-8 weeks
Top King 2-12 weeks
Boon 2-4 weeks
Lumpinee 2-4 weeks
Thaismai 1-2 weeks

Can’t find the Muay Thai gear you’re looking for?

If there is any Muay Thai gear or product you would like to order from a brand we stock but can’t find it in our store, please contact us.

Can’t find the Muay Thai equipment or Muay Thai shorts customisation option you want?

If there is any Muay Thai gear or product that you would like to have custom madeorder but you don’t see the customisation option you are after, please contact us.